Please read these use and care instructions before using your sensware for the first time. The information here will help you achieve the best cooking results.


  • For SAFETY, keep children away from hot cookware and stove tops.
  • Cast iron remains hot long after you remove it from stove . as a remainder to be careful , drape a thick towel or a mitt over the handle .
  • NEVER leave cookware empty when cooking. An unattended cookware can cause the product to get extremely hot, which can cause personal injury.
  • DO NOT use the Cookware in high temperature environment
  • For best heating performance, match up the burner size to that of the base of the cookware
  • Please ensure proper ventilation while the cookware is in operation.
  • The use of metal utensils is not recommended for use on this product, as this could potentially damage the surface seasoning. We recommend the use of wooden tools for cooking .
  • We recommend pre-heating at a low temperature and then heat up gradually to your ideal cooking temperature.
  • NEVER plunge a hot cookware into cold water, or run it under a cold tap. The thermal shock can crack it, and it’s just not worth it.
  • NEVER cook acidic foods in cast iron , acidic food react with the metal and make the seasoned surface repair and make the food taste metallic.
  • DO NOT let your cast iron air dry , as this can promote rust .
  • DO NOT store  food in cast iron cookware after cooking.
  • DO NOT Boil water in cast iron cookware because it makes the cookware to rust.
  • AVOID cooking cold foods in a cold cast iron cookware because it will make your foods stick on surface and damage the seasoned layer .
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