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Who We Are?

INDIA , 2013 .This was the year the first cast iron cookware was casted from CASTWELL FOUNDRIES in Coimbatore . CASTWELL ( FOUNDRY DIVISION) is synonymous with world class castings . having an annual capacity of 2000 Metric tonne , Our foundry caters to the municipal , the OEM ,the automobile and other industries Across the globe equipped with state-of-the art facilities, and boasts of an extensive product range.

The same foundry is now introducing the ALL NEW CRAFTED CAST IRON COOKWARE in name of SENSWARE and these CAST IRON SENSWARES Are made by traditional casting techniques , it is the case that every single piece of SENSWARE is truly unique .

The CAST IRON SENSWARE still remains an icon of outstanding quality, and stylish traditional design to create a safe and easy to use CAST IRON COOKWARE to cook a vast range of recipes and it’s the only choice of professional chefs and passionate home cooks.

Everything you need from the perfectly made sensware

1. Ready to use
We made Sensware triple seasoned with vegetable oil

2. We are crafted naturally nonstick  

Cook with Confidence

Cast Iron Sensware is naturally nonstick once it’s “seasoned” properly with vegetable oil, so it requires very little cooking oil.

3. Adds iron to your meal

If you are iron deficient, cook with cast iron Sensware

Cooking with Cast Iron Sensware can help increase your iron content to whatever you are cooking.

4. Durable and chemical free

Healthy cooking begins with Sensware

Cast Iron Sensware is an healthy favorite cookware for a reason—not only is it super durable, but it’s also one of the safest options out there because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that could leach into food.

5. Long life span

Last a lifetime, if you take care of it

Because cast iron cookware is made from the strong iron material, they are guaranteed to last decades and generations to come. In fact, more you cook with it, the best flavours and results you get

6. Superior heat retention

Evenly cooked food, Every time

Put a Cast Iron Pan on high heat for a few minutes. The pan will obviously get very hot. You will feel the heat radiating from the pan even if you don’t keep your hands close to the heated surface.  The high heat emissivity of cast iron makes food evenly cooked and gives best flavours, every time.

What makes these cast iron senware so awesome

Manufacturing Facility

The sensware is a product of “CASTWELL FOUNDRIES” , The castwell foundries is located at coimbatore , tamilnadu in south india . we manufacture and supply wide range of grey iron and alloy castings all over india and to other countires .our modern in house manufacturing facilities with designing & engineering , manufacturing and testing of cast iron components ensure highest product quality standards.

To cater to the growing needs of top chefs and passionate home cooks, castwell foundries has been developing cast iron cookware with state of the art manufacturing technology .the facility is equipped with modern modern machinery and tools to produce around 10000 numbers of cookware every month . we also have modern fettling and seasoning equipments to make value added cast iron cookware components with better finish and superior quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cast a traditional cast iron cookware through endless improvement in modern design and development ,

Our purpose is to make top chefs and passionate home cooks to help prepare the tastiest and healthiest meal forever.

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