About us

About Us

INDIA , 2013 .This was the year the first cast iron cookware was casted from CASTWELL FOUNDRIES in Coimbatore . CASTWELL ( FOUNDRY DIVISION) is synonymous with world class castings . having an annual capacity of 2000 Metric tonne , Our foundry caters to the municipal , the OEM ,the automobile and other industries Across the globe equipped with state-of-the art facilities, and boasts of an extensive product range.

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The same foundry is now introducing the ALL NEW CRAFTED CAST IRON COOKWARE in name of SENSWARE and these CAST IRON SENSWARES Are made by traditional casting techniques , it is the case that every single piece of SENSWARE is truly unique .

The CAST IRON SENSWARE still remains an icon of outstanding quality, and stylish traditional design to create a safe and easy to use CAST IRON COOKWARE to cook a vast range of recipes and it’s the only choice of professional chefs and passionate home cooks.

 “ whatever dishes you prepare in the cast iron cookware from SENSWARE , You can rely on a tasty and nutritional cooking result “ 

Our Mission

Our mission is to cast a traditional cast iron cookware through endless improvement in modern design and development , we to make top chefs and passionate home cooks to help prepare the tastiest and healthiest meal forever.